Customer´s projects and feedback

Market Research Reports

Multinational IVD company
Sales Manager
“The information received from different market studies we purchase since 2010 has been very useful for existing products, for new test and all IVD segments. CAGR in units and LCY; trends, healthcare sector info is also used to send information to headquarters”.

Multibrand IVD Distributor
“Market research gave us the chance to decide new brands or segment’s introduction convenience in the region. And also, to send forecast to our suppliers abroad”.

European IVD company
Global Market Intelligence Director
“We bought from Kalorama Information a Latin America IVD market research written in collaboration with VA Consultora y Asociados. The report was excellent. Today we are purchasing tailor made research (by segment, by test, by country)”.

Clinical Laboratories Consultancy

Large Laboratory (750 patients/day)
“Throughout these months I have had the opportunity to get to know my business in depth. I have extended the quality of my analytical plant to other secondary areas that have been ignored or misinformed for a long time like procurement, stock analysis, expenses management, human resources, test micro costing, budget, sales price, collections”.

Medium Laboratory (250 patients/day)
“A year of consulting has allowed me to understand how to use some simple tools to analyze my costs, the real profitability of my lab, and control the business on regular basis through a KPI panel prepared by the administrative sector”.

Medium Laboratory (300 patients/day)
Accounting Chief
“After some bad experiences with consultants; we finally found a consultant that speak the technical and the business jargon. In a very clear language for accountants and biochemists. Highly recommendable”

Extra Large Laboratory (2.000 patients/day)
“We hired the consultancy to help us in the renewal of the analytical plant equipment and IT system. We invited main suppliers to a private tender process. We found a lot of opportunities in cost savings in the production plant and in many other support activities. We also learnt how to deal with main suppliers”.