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Linking market intelligence to business strategy in clinical diagnostics

Why trust us?

We are professional and highly trained.
We are dedicated and always give our best.
We have a broad and deep view of the diagnostics market.
We have a simple management style.

Our Vision

Being recognized in the market as a leading company in the development and implementation of innovative strategies for the clinical diagnosis market.

Our Mission

Providing consulting services that minimize client uncertainty and maximize the quality of their decisions, thus transforming management into a competitive advantage that translates into increased sales and profitability.

Our Values

The values guiding our professional conduct are: commitment, honesty, confidentiality, and respect. Responsible dedication. Quality and efficiency. Creativity and strategic know how.

About Intel 4 Diagnostics

Intel 4 Diagnostics is a professional service organization providing strategic consulting and market research services to clinical diagnostics clients. Our expert team provides personalized services and work closely with customers to execute effective and implementable projects to improve their competitive edge.

Our Team

A team of 14 freelance consultants with broad experience in different areas of the health and biotechnology markets provides consulting and market research services and accompanies our clients in the implementation and attainment of results, by transferring both methodologies and proven tools.


We speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian.
We speak technical and business jargon.

Our Services

We analyze your needs; select the right expert and work to find effective solutions to keep your business growing successfully.
We have the ability to handle short-term projects as well as large global assignments.
We give qualified advice across a wide range of processes in our client´s value chain.

What do we do?

We offer customized counseling services for Diagnostics Laboratory market, Diagnostics Industry market and Pharma and Biotech market.

How do we do it?

Commitment is our key differential: We use proven tools and methodologies. We become fully involved through a temporary integration to the client's structure...

Why trust us?

We are professional and highly trained. We are dedicated and always give our best. We have a broad and deep view of the diagnostics market. We have a simple management style.

Diagnostics Lab

We offer customized services, aimed at client professionalization and training through tool and work methodology transfer.

IVD Industry and Distributors

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the diagnostic market, we can offer practical solutions to your needs.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry and Distributors

We offer support services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector in the launch of new products to the market through disease management programs.

White Paper and Case Study Section

If you are interested in one of our White Papers and Case Studies; we invite you to complete the Contact Form indicating in the Subject the name of the document you wish to download.


Customer´s projects and feedback

Multinational IVD company

Sales Manager

The information received from different market studies we purchase since 2010 has been very useful for existing products, for new test and all IVD segments. CAGR in units and LCY; trends, healthcare sector info is also used to send information to headquarters.

Multibrand IVD Distributor


Market research gave us the chance to decide new brands or segment’s introduction convenience in the region. And also, to send forecast to our suppliers abroad.

European IVD company

Global Market Intelligence Director

We bought from Kalorama Information a Latin America IVD market research written in collaboration with VA Consultora y Asociados. The report was excellent. Today we are purchasing tailor made research (by segment, by test, by country)

Large Laboratory (750 patients/day)


Throughout these months I have had the opportunity to get to know my business in depth. I have extended the quality of my analytical plant to other secondary areas that have been ignored or misinformed for a long time like procurement, stock analysis, expenses management, human resources, test micro costing, budget, sales price, collections.

Medium Laboratory (250 patients/day)


A year of consulting has allowed me to understand how to use some simple tools to analyze my costs, the real profitability of my lab, and control the business on regular basis through a KPI panel prepared by the administrative sector.


We will pay special attention to your needs and develop a proposal for large, medium, or small-sized projects.
We will work very closely with your company to provide high-quality services.



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